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Aug 28, 2023 - Aug 29, 2023

Active Tantric Meditations

  • 2Days


Join our weekly group session for active meditations designed to ignite your inner fires of clarity by burning through old patterns, stuck emotions, and limiting beliefs. These practices are an opportunity to transform your shadows by shining the light of loving awareness on all of yourself by looking inward, truly seeing yourself, meeting yourself in intimacy. Reclaim all parts of self to realize wholeness. Meditations often including breathwork, postures, embodiment, somatic processing, trauma release, guided partner exercises, ecstatic dance, and play. You may leave feeling invigorated and "reset" as the intention is to increase your capacity to experience your own aliveness. Skilled Tantra and Movement facilitator, Sarina, will guide you through a different meditation each week stemming from various Tantra Lineages including revered, sacred, impactful practices from Osho, Margot Anand, and more. *LEVEL: New and experienced meditators welcome. Bring: A Yoga Mat, Water & Comfortable Clothing you feel empowered in. Acknowledge your darkness. Return to your light. Awaken your true essence. Embody your divine nature.

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