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A Somatic Approach

To Sex, Love & Relationships

Why Focus on Intimacy?

We each have a huge capacity for true intimacy. Let's find our truest path to reveal it.

As a somatic sex, love, and relationship coach, I help individuals explore and heal their relationships with their bodies, sexuality, and intimate connections. By incorporating somatic techniques, which focus on the mind-body connection, my coaching sessions aim to address past traumas, deepen self-awareness, and enhance intimacy and pleasure. The benefits of somatics in this type of healing and coaching include increased self-confidence, improved communication skills, heightened pleasure and satisfaction in relationships, and a deeper understanding and acceptance of one's own desires and boundaries.

Unlock more profound experiences of intimacywithin yourself, with others, and with the Divine.

Core Cirriculum

This class series is perfect for beginner level - intermediate seekers ready to learn the foundations of Kundalini Tantra Lineage of Tantric Wisdom Traditions. Tatiana will guide you through Neo Tantra and Traditional Tantric methods backed by a deep understanding of Yogic philosophy suited for today's practitioner. This course is inclusively designed for all genders and relationship status' - singles and couples are welcome.







Discovery Call

Let's start the conversation to learn how you can

best be supported on your journey.

Singles or Couples Counseling Container

Join a full day of connection, practices, and Initiation into the

Shakta Lineage of the Tantric Path at a beautiful private property in San Diego, CA.

This will be a culmination of the teachings and group work from our weekly sessions. 

This does not include travel accommodations.


Meet Ysabel Blu

Certified Somatic Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

  Hi, I’m Ysabel Blu.  ADD - ABOUT YOUR OWN JOURNEY. Specializing in female sexuality and intimate connections. I have 600+ hours of training under some profound teachers like Layla Martin, Marina Nabao Becker, Leigh Senna and other incredible teachers from the VITA program. 

My certified training at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, founded and created by Layla Martin, has equipped me with a diverse set of skills, including somatic integration, trauma awareness, breath work, inner child integration, and communication tools. Within these skills I have helped hold space for women, men, non binary, coupled and single people focus on holistic healing for their relationships with others but more importantly with themselves. In this work I am dedicated to helping individuals and couples cultivate deeper self-awareness, enhance intimacy, and experience profound healing in their relationships. 


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Get Started

Take the leap of faith to reclaim your fullest capacity for aliveness.

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