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Wellness Collective

Radiance is Yours, Tune In....

Here is your invitation to release anything stopping you from shining - from accessing the state of bliss that is innate to our human nature. We depend on your unique light because love starts with you.


Connect with our team in support of building a secure foundation of love, trust, and health within. Becoming love is a lifelong practice, and sometimes it takes a sacred mirror to remind us of our radiance! May these guides offer activating and life-path-inspiring reflections to reveal more of your brilliance. Tantra offers a unique perspective of embracing all of yourself and viewing every aspect of life as material for your liberation.

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Sarina Moretti

  • Conscious Community Events

  • Intimacy & Meditation Classes

  • Group Tantra Guide

Founder + Intimacy Guide

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Tatiana Tomich, MPH

  • Holistic Health Coaching

  • Tantra, Yoga + Travel Retreats

  • Tantra Mentorships

  • Honey Temple Men's Guide

Holistic Health Coach

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Natalie Novari

  • Womb Wellness

  • Medicine Ceremony

  • Diverse Healing Modalities

  • Honey Temple Women's Guide

Womb Healer

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Ysabel Blu

  • Certified Holistic Sex, Love & Relationship Counseling

  • Shibari Surrender Sessions

  • Guest Teacher

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

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Sabrina Raquel

  • Tantra + Somatic Ceremonies

  • Guest Teacher

Healer & Tantra Practitioner

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Get Involved

Are you a teacher, healer, facilitator, event producer, or leader in the wellness and intimacy space? Please reach out directly to get involved! We are accepting submissions.

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