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Honor all

That you are

Ceiling Design
Ancient Architecture Sacred Doorway

Arrive Home

to Yourself

"Tantra teaches us to enjoy the sweet tasting honey that is already on our tongues by enhancing our awareness"

Georg Feuerstein, Tantra: A Path of Ecstasy

To Access your fullest


Spark brighter. Ground deeper. Flow freely. Breathe yourself more alive.


Where purpose intersects with pleasure - magick is possible. Align with yourself on the deepest levels of actualization by removing blocks to connection with self, others, and community. From this expansive state of embracing your fullness, pure possibility is yours to create a life you are in love with living. This starts with honoring the temple that is your body, so our primary focus is accessing your bliss through Temple Arts.

Honey Temple's mission is to empower conscious connection for Radiant Living that honors all that you are. Our 4 pillars for fostering Radiance are:



Devote to Delight

Aligned Action


Here's the sweet fulfillment you will receive with Honey Temple:

​- Real Connection
- Wellness & Healing
- Radiant Living Codes
- Conscious Community
​- Tantra Teachings
- Somatic Experiencing
- Empowerment
- Embodiment 
Events &
Wellness Collective
Pop Up Lounge

Join our growing community! Deepen your connection source through self, friends, lovers and community at our classes and events based in Southern California. We're all about opening the gateways to what brings you more alive!

Meet our collective of radiance experts focused on supporting your journey of tapping into and invigorating the fullest vitality of your creative life force energy.


The team facilitates experiences at events and offers 1-1 coaching along with specialized services.

We travel! Book our curated experience for your private gathering or public festival! Our lounge set up includes decor, production, staging, teachers, entertainment, and more!

Upcoming Events


Ritual - Flyer (11 x 17 in)_edited.jpg

3.16.24 :Ritual Ecstatica: Dance

Celebrate the turning of seasons  intentionally with a group Tantra class, sensual dance journey, performances, Tea Lounge, and devotional space to connect with your Divine Eros.


Kundalini Tantra: Path of Bliss
(Online & In-Person)

8-Week Online Live Group Sessions
+ 1 In-person full day & night initiatory immersion experience 


Active Tantra Meditations

Dynamic group meditation and embodiment practices from various Tantra Lineages designed to liberate energy.

Coming Soon
Image by Steven Weeks

Honey Temple Foundations: L1
Intimacy Course

Learn modern tools and ancient wisdom to access & harness more of your creative life force energy.


Guest Teachers

A chance to learn practices from our network of Living Tantra, Holistic Health, and Temple Arts teachers.

Coming Soon
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