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Welcome to the Tantric Path

In both the ancient whispers of sacred texts and the dance of contemporary ritual, a mystical path unfolds—weaving a lifestyle, a worldview. Tantra beckons us to discover a heavenly existence within the fabric of our earthly realm. It is a journey where Nirvana is not a distant dream but a tapestry, intricately woven through your own capacity to say yes to all of life's textures —  the moments of joy, love, agony, thrill and every nuanced state of being in between. Each thread holding the potential for self-realization by expanding into what it means to be fully alive.

In life's loom, Tantra emerges as a path that invites us to embrace the entirety of our being without resistance. It is a dance with the profound mystery that threads through our existence—a blissful journey waiting to be unraveled and embraced to inspire a life truly lived. Within Honey Temple, we sweetly refer to this as "Radiance" — the luminous essence that gleams brighter as you release your own inner contraction to life, and instead masterfully choose expanding into a blissful embodiment of all that you are.

Embark on this sacred journey with us, where modern Neo-Tantra lineages, psycho-somatic therapy, and ancient mystic wisdom traditions converge to bring the nirvana of liberation right here and now in this lifetimeOur Living Tantra practices and community gatherings are crafted to safely initiate practitioners into their own sacred power, their Divine Eros, their creative life force energy, to create meaningful growth and fulfillment in their lives.


Welcome to the Honey Temple, where the threads of ancient mystery and modern techniques intertwine to illuminate your path.

"The next guru will take the form of community" - unknown
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