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Intro toKundalini Tantra

Embrace the mystery of your own blissful unfolding

April 15 - June 3, 2024

Online via Zoom every Monday at 6 PM PST for 8 weeks (sessions will be recorded)

+ 1 In-person full day & night initiatory immersion experience (June [exact date TBA], Fallbrook, CA)

Why Enter the Tantric Path?

Who are you when you are truly free? Tantra provides the path of liberation paving the way to your fullest embodied expression. Who we really are lies just beneath society’s conditioning and internalized, learned patterns.


With the fire of awareness we can awaken from the group trance and ignite our own kundalini shakti, or life force energy, to experience this existence to the fullest. Begin to respond to life from the fullness of your authentic heart's expression - courageous, gentle, loving, and everything in between - using our process for self-mastery.


Try as we may to put words to capture the essence of the unnameable truth, Tantric wisdom can only truly be accessed through an aligned mind-body-spirit connection. These teachings cannot simply be spoken of, they must be experienced, lived in, and embodied. This allows your entire life to be colored by bliss.


We are pleased to invite you to embark on this blissful journey of self-realization and expanding into more of your desires. Enter a path of blissful unfolding.​


In this Course You Will Receive:

☑️ Foundational Teachings of Tantra

☑️ Activation of your energy centers

☑️ Somatic practices to clear physical and emotional blocks, deepen sensual experience, and create openness for intimacy 

☑️ Understanding of polarity and how to bring harmony to masculine/feminine energy 

☑️ Mystery school teachings from non-dual Shakta Tantra lineage 

☑️ More connection, freedom, and bliss in body & mind  


How can the path of embodied bliss change your life?

You will become aware of the 5 sheaths of existence and learn how to activate the Anandaymaya-kosha or the bliss body. There will be sacred space to attune to the power of your inner sight, explore the polarity of your own feminine/masculine energies, and express the fullness of your divine sensuality by cultivating your life force energies. Together we will lean into vulnerability, reveal the power of our intuition, find and define individual/collective boundaries, and expand our ability to experience ecstasy on the spiritual path.

Unlock more profound experiences of intimacywithin yourself, with others, and with the Divine.

Embrace the mystery of yourown blissful unfolding.

Acknowledge your darkness.Return to your light.Awaken your true essence.Embody your divine nature.

Core Cirriculum

This class series is perfect for beginner level - intermediate seekers ready to learn the foundations of Kundalini Tantra Lineage of Tantric Wisdom Traditions. Tatiana will guide you through Neo Tantra and Traditional Tantric methods backed by a deep understanding of Yogic philosophy suited for today's practitioner. This course is inclusively designed for all genders and relationship status' - singles and couples are welcome.







8-Week Cycle

Join group sessions virtually on Zoom each week.

All sessions will be recorded and available for replay.

Single Day In-Person Immersion

Join a full day of connection, practices, and Initiation into the

Shakta Lineage of the Tantric Path at a beautiful private property in San Diego, CA.

This will be a culmination of the teachings and group work from our weekly sessions. 

This does not include travel accommodations.

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Meet Your Guide

Tatiana Tomich, MPH

She seamlessly brings together kundalini kriyas, tantric polarity practices, yogic teachings, ayurvedic balancing modalities, vedic astrology, as well as a scientific background in biochemistry order to facilitate the release of physical/emotional/energetic blockages, helping those who are willing to practice gain access to greater life force energy.


After struggling with a variety of physical/mental health ailments throughout adolescence, Tatiana found solace, purpose, and embodiment through the practice of yoga and tantra. Today she is devoted to living and sharing the 8-limbed path. Drawing from a variety of lineages including hatha, vinyasa, and kundalini, as well as traditional tantra and neo-tantra. Tatiana intuitively guides personalized classes and workshops to awaken prana, or life force energy, and liberate body, mind, and spirit.


Tatiana also has a graduate degree in health science, where she focused on precision nutrition, and now utilizes principles from Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, to inform her practice as a Ayurvedic practitioner. Using this philosophy, she has mentored many on how to harness their innate self-healing abilities to create an elementally balanced, holistically healthy lifestyle.

Tatiana is an international yoga teacher and tantra facilitator, as well as an Ayurvedic counselor with over 10 years of experience. Tatiana has hosted workshops, retreats and worked 1:1 with clients using yogic & tantric science as a framework for holistic healing and self-realization.

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Arrive home to

Take the leap of faith to reclaim your fullest capacity for aliveness.

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