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Sabrina Raquel

Sweet Surrender
Bodywork Practitioner

Sabrina Raquel is first and foremost a Tantra Teacher with 500+ hours of training from Tao Tantric Arts, ISTA, and others. From this space of grounded truth, she incorporates Tantra, plant medicine, and Touch as the pathway to deep healing and ultimate rewiring. Sabrina offers a unique opportunity to reconnect to self-trust, surrender, and safety in your body.


Sabrina has devoted herself to liberation through the senses and creates spaces for others to do the same while accessing deep states of bliss and surrender. From festival workshops to intimate private ceremonies, Sabrina is an experienced facilitator that brings mystic yet practical insight to participants.


Tantra 1:1 Coaching

This opportunity is for those seeking specific guidance around liberating their own Divine Eros and access to embodied sensual pleasure to feel more connected in their lives and relationships. Guidance will include meetings 1:1 in person or via Skype, somatic practices, and feedback.


Individual & Group
Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

For those ready to look deep within for the answers they seek while being held and guided in a safe, nourishing, and empowering container. Inquire for more info.


Retreats Facilitator

Book Sabrina for retreats, events and festivals to offer Bodywork, Tantra workshops, Temple Arts, and more.

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Book an Appointment

Get in touch to receive a session that suits your needs.

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Love Notes
"The bodywork I received from Sabrina was a relaxing experience that allowed me to connect with my body and surrender into relaxation.”


meet sabrina tantric practitioner and healer

Learn more about Sabrina's journey

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