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Intimacy Embraced L1

6-Week Class, San Diego

Image by Solen Feyissa

Discover the innate power of the divine in each of us...



as a path to reveal you

Embark on a 6-Week Group Cycle of arriving into your fullest self by discovering deeper layers of intimacy with yourself, the divine, lovers, and community.

Are you craving deeper, nourishing connections? This path starts when you step onto it. Meet us there in union with your desires.

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to align you with your heart's desire

Share in weekly tantra practices to open to your fullest self-actualization.


Step through six sacred gateways to unlock your radiance: Coming Home, Shedding, Unearthing, 

Empowering, Sharing, Manifesting



to inspire a life well lived

  • 100% In Person, All Genders, All Levels

  • An opportunity to dive as deep into intimacy as you desire to meet these proven practices

  • Ancient Tantra Practices for Connection

  • Practical Modern Somatic Healing Tools

  • Dynamic Meditations + Breath Work

  • Radical Play + Group Shadow to Light Work

  • Life-Inspiring Transformational Experience

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Ready to experience your fullest sense of aliveness?

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Image by Solen Feyissa

Where to Begin...

⭐️You Will Receive:

☑️ Real Connection, 100% In-Person, Group Work Container

☑️ A framework for cultivating intimacy in all your relationships

☑️ Ancient Tantra practices + Modern Somatic Experiencing tools

☑️ Initiation of your own inner mystic and inner guiding force

☑️ Access to San Diego's leading Tantra community

☑️ Access to Honey Temple's private Whatsapp group chat

☑️ Member discounts on future events & offerings


⭐️What To Expect:

Come with a willingness to learn new tools for expressing yourself and meeting others in connection. The Series is designed to allow us time, space, and safety to open more deeply in this closed container over the course of 6 weeks. We will start with a meditation and embodiment practice, and move on to personal and group exercises that include moving stuck energy, expressing emotions, parts work, breath work, shadow to light integration, and other somatic practices. This is considered White Tantra where we learn to cultivate your Creative Life Force / Shakti Kundalini energy. By the final session, Red Tantra will be offered. Burn away external impurities, unconsciously held limitations, and internal blockages that conceal your true self. We will explore radical intimacy of meeting ourselves deeply through a mixture of movement, breath, expression, partner exercises, self-inquiry workshops, ceremony, and celebration.

⭐️Who is this for?

This Class Series is perfect for singles, couples, friends, and lovers. Do you notice that your connections aren't as fulfilling, deep, or safe as you'd like? Are you seeking ways to heal and discover your own depths and power? Have you been curious about cosmic sexuality and using your own energy to create what you desire to see in this world? This is the space to meet each other's shadows, lights, and brilliance to realize how healthy intimacy can transform your life.

⭐️About Tantra:

Who would you be if you were truly free? Tantra provides the path of liberation paving the way to your fullest embodied expression. Who we really are lies just beneath society’s conditioning and internalized, learned patterns. With the fire of awareness we can awaken from the group trance and ignite our own kundalini shakti, or life force energy, to experience this existence to the fullest.

Tantra is a Sanskrit word which in its most basic form means “thread” or “web” and in its evolved  form it can be translated as “liberation through expansion.” Tantra is also known as the weaving of our awareness of consciousness and all-encompassing Reality revealed by wisdom. The philosophy rose in popularity 1500 years ago in India and tantras, or teachings (like the 64 Tantras or the 108 Upanishads) affirm that the entire universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness with continuity between Spirit and matter. All yogic philosophy stems from these teachings.

Modern day tantra encompasses many schools of thought as the philosophy has evolved over the course of centuries to best suit today’s complex world. Today many “shades of tantra” have emerged, with two most-well known being white tantra, which focuses on the Self and spiritual development through yoga and meditation, and red tantra, also known as left-hand tantra or neo tantra, which focuses on harnessing sexual creative energy and often incorporates a partner.

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Meet Your Guide

Sarina Moretti,
Founder of Honey Temple, Intimacy Pathfinder

Sarina realizes connection is a path to revealing the stunningly radiant wholeness that is you. She teaches connection and embodiment practices to be of service to love by helping people access meaningful connection within self, within relationship, and within community. After all, an initial spark of radiance is all it takes to remind you of your fullest power and ability to dive deep into the transcendent fires of liberation. Intimacy is her most resonate path into realization. 


Her teachings are a direct reflection of her own steps toward liberation, and she expertly holds space as a divine feminine oracle and dakini truth bringing spirit to ignite your inner fires of a whole and holy life that embraces all you are without shame or limitation.


She received her 150H Tantra Facilitator training from The Tantric Way, under the sacred initiation and tutelage of Gaia Ma. This has been a devotional path to realizing wholeness grounded in meditation, modern psychology, and somatic therapy modalities using a practical, non-dogmatic approach to the ancient technology of Tantra.


With Sarina's signature group work style, you will increase your capacity to give a big juicy YES to your desires, and YES more of life. Become an alchemist in your own life by sparking yourself more and more ALIVE!

As an intuitive movement guide, Sarina sees dance as medicine that awakens us to feel our soul’s truest guidance and enables us to somatically process emotions beyond thought form by listening to the wisdom in our body. Embodying your desires will unlock life’s fullest potential, pleasure and prosperity. Heart-centered entrepreneur, Burlesque performer, poetess, women's work space holder, Tantra and authentic relating facilitator, and all around conscious creatrix - her exhilarating embodied essence and ultimate hype girl spirit allows a safe space for your dreams to be revealed. Dance towards them!

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