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meet womb healer natalie rose

Natalie Novari

Womb Healer &
Earth Witch 

Natalie Novari is Honey Temple's healer for the feminine arts, and is based in San Diego, CA.


As a rose womb priestess she carries the medicine of many sacred modalities such as Reiki Mastery, Sound Healing, Herbalism, Temple Body Arts, Devotional Body Work, Yoga, Breath-work, Somatics, Emotional Release Healing, Theta Healing, Tea Ceremony and Shamanic Earth Ritual.


She loves supporting women to come into relationship and attunement with their bodies, their blood, their sensuality, their pain, their cycles of life and death. Being rooted in the rhythms of Mother Earth, she sees ritual and ceremony as the bridge to building relationship with spirit, our bodies, our voices to the sensuality of earth and to the sacred aliveness of all life. 

Natalie is the creator of Muse of the Womb, where she is dedicated to connecting women back to their wombs, to their bodies + voice, and to the earth through a custom program that includes: hands on womb massage, feminine wisdom, menstrual cycle balancing, living in tune with earth’s cycles, earth + herbal medicine, erotic + sensual liberation and ceremonial art. Schedule a discovery call to learn more!


1:1 Womb Healing Support

You can work with Natalie In person for 1:1 Womb Healing Ceremonies.


This includes Mayan Womb Massage, Guided Breast & Jaw Massage,

Energy Work, Sound Healing and Herbal support and/ or Plant medicines.


Muse of the Womb

You can dive deeper into her signature 3 month Muse of the Womb Mentorship This mentorship dives deep into healing with the support of the divine mother and the Rose along with healing rituals and lifestyle shifts to support a deeper connection to the womb.


We will explore Throat, Heart and Womb / Yoni weaving in healing through singing/sound, working with plants specifically rose for the heart; working with the cycles of the earth and body to attune our lives to the pace of the feminine/ Mother Earth and our wombs Grandmother servant to support to clear and cleanse the density in the root and sacral.


This mentorship is a deep dive into full healing practices to reclaim your feminine power.


Ideal for those desiring support with:

  • Womb healing

  • Hormonal healing

  • Clearing womb related trauma including healing from infections, miscarriage, abortion childbirth, sexual abuse, clearing distortions around sexual energy

  • Rebalancing painful or missing periods

  • Naturally rebalance and reconnect to cycle after hormonal birth control / iuds

  • Reconnect to the earth’s rhythms with cyclical living


You will receive:

  • Cycle education

  • Re-pattern your relationship to bleeding

  • Learn body literacy around the cycle

  • Body sovereignty

  • Clearing fear when it comes to pregnancy and sexual connection

  • Reconnecting with our sexual energy and erotic energy as a healing energy

  • Identify what imbalances are present and how to address those with both lifestyle shifts, healing work and building a relationship to earth + body



It will be guided by your individual journey what you are healing within your womb and heart and what you desire to create. You can book a discovery call with natalie with the link here to know more about her offerings and work together.


Retreat Facilitator

Book for your own retreats to offer yoni steams ceremonies, devotional feminine body work, sound healing, medicine music prayer-performances, ritual body painting with healing clay, tea ceremony, cacao ceremony, support in holding medicine space and support with holding any ritual or ceremonial space. 

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Book a Session

Natalie offers a free discovery call.

Get in touch to receive a custom plan that suits your needs.

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Love Notes
Honestly this work is so powerful. I was reminded of the beauty of the soul - like self love, self empowerment, art! Such a powerful investment of energy."
natalie rose shamanic drumming womens work

Learn more about Natalie's journey

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